David Reeves, the former CEO of SCEE, believes that Sony needs to launch the PSP2 as soon as soon as possible if it wants to stay in the handheld game.

Former Sony Europe CEO David Reeves thinks that Sony will need to release a successor to the PSP within the next year, and that if it doesn’t, there is a very real threat of Sony being forced from the handheld market altogether.

“It’s an exciting time and you could possibly have two handhelds coming out within months or a year of each other,” said Reeves. “Sony tried to make the transition with PSPgo. I think that changed some consumers attitudes, but they need to come back with something on PSP pretty quickly to stay in the game because Nintendo are shit hot at getting these things right. And they always get these things right.”

It’s hard to argue with Reeves; Nintendo’s presence in the handheld market is pretty monolithic and with the official announcement of the 3DS, it seems like the company has the game pretty much sewn up. Indeed, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata believes that his company has already beaten Sony. Reeves thinks that Sony will unveil something PSP related at the Tokyo Game Show which runs from the 16th-19th September.

Source: MCV

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