Sony, Nintendo, Nokia Sued Over Wireless Technology


Sony, Nokia and Nintendo are once again at the wrong end of a lawsuit, this one complaining that the wireless connectivity of their handheld gaming devices infringes on the copyright of a company from Plano, Texas.

Wall Wireless LLC is suing the companies for violating its “Method and Apparatus for Creating and Distributing Real-Time Interactive Media Content Through Wireless Communication Networks and the Internet” patent, which Edge says “pertains … to methods and systems that allow an operator to distribute messages having aural or visual content that is generated by the operator using handheld apparatuses such as mobile telephones.” The patent was issued by the U.S. Patent Office in 2003.

The company claims that the PSP, DS, Nokia’s N81, N82, N93 and N95 devices as well as real-time online games like Mario Kart, WipeOut Pulse and Reset Generation all infringement upon the patent. Each of the defendants were notified of the patent last year yet apparently none of them have made an attempt to properly license the technology. As a result, the filing said, “”Unless a permanent injunction is issued enjoining Defendants from infringing the ‘086 patent, Wall Wireless will be irreparably harmed.”

And what will make Wall Wireless feel better about all this? Why, money, of course. “As a result of Defendants’ infringement of the ‘086 patent, Wall Wireless has suffered monetary damages that are compensable… by no less than a reasonable royalty,” the company claimed. It also seeks damages, costs, expenses, attorneys’ fees and pre-judgment and post-judgment interest.

Neither Sony, Nintendo nor Nokia have commented on the action.

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