Sony: No PS3 Install for God of War III


Good news, God of War fans: The final game in Kratos’ bloody revenge trilogy will completely avoid the dreaded scourge of PS3 games – the hard-drive install.

If the powerful PS3 had just one hardware weakness, it would probably be the system’s need to install data for most of its games before you get to actually jump in and start playing. Devil May Cry‘s 20-minute install time may have been the extreme exception rather than the rule, but it’s still a bit of a mood-killer when you take the shiny new game from the package, put it in, and … have to sit for a few minutes before getting to play.

Some games are managing to get around the issue thanks to some technical wizardry, such as the mammoth Final Fantasy XIII. Now, Sony fans have another big-name title to add to the “no install necessary” folder: Despite clocking in at a hefty 40GB, God of War III won’t require anything beyond a simple 5MB install to save your game.

This information comes from Sony Santa Monica technological boss Christer Ericson, who Tweeted:

God of War 3 does NOT do a HD install. The 5MB listed on box back is for save game only.”

Good to know, chief. Next step: Get rid of installs entirely!

Also, am I the only one who feels weird seeing “5MB” to save your game when PS2 memory cards back in the day clocked in at 8MB total?

(Via VG247)

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