Sony Not Interested In Digital Distribution For PS3 Games


Sony has no plans to offer PS3 game downloads through PSN, according to SCEA’s Chief of Operations Eric Lempel.

There’s money to be made in digital distribution, the success of the Steam service from Valve and Apple’s App Store have proven that, so it’s not really a surprise that other companies want to get in on the action.

This is perhaps best demonstrated by Microsoft’s announcement that they would start selling Xbox 360 games via Xbox Live later this year.

Unfortunately for PS3 owners, Sony will not be joining the party, at least not for the foreseeable future. In an interview with Industry Gamers, SCEA’s Chief of Operation Eric Lempel explained Sony’s decision:

“[Digital distribution is] not something we have planned, just because the size of the games is massive. With Blu-ray we can put up to 50 gigs on a dual-layer disc, while [Xbox 360] is still on a 9-gig media. So technically it’s possible, but I think the issue would be, ‘Do you want to download 40 gigs and keep that on your hard drive?'”

All I have to say to that is, 40 gigs? Ouch.

Source: 1up

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