Sony Offers PSN Customers a Year of Identity Protection


Worried about identity theft after the PSN breach? Sony has you covered.

It’s been over a month now since the Playstation Network outage, an event which morphed into a disastrous PR nightmare for Sony. The hardware giant has done its best to make amends (with mixed reception), and Sony announced a new phase of its apology today.

All PSN members who had an active account as of April 20th, 2011 (the date where Everything Went Down) will be given complementary access to AllClear ID Plus, an identity theft protection service to help prevent nasty hacker-type folks from stealing your personal data. In other words, from the site itself:

AllClear ID PLUS is a premium identity protection service that uses advanced technology to deliver alerts to help keep you safe. The service also provides identity theft insurance coverage and hands-on help from expert fraud investigators. Sony has arranged, at no charge to eligible PlayStation®Network and Qriocity account holders, for twelve months of this service to be provided by Debix to those who choose to enroll.

It’s not everything, but it’s something – and even if it’s only twelve months’ worth, that should be the danger period for any data lost in the PSN breach. So, this is pretty much only a good thing.

Sign up for the service here, if you’re interested. This is for North American customers only, however – Sony probably has other plans for our readers around the world.

Thanks, Poopie McGhee, for sending this in!

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