Sony Offers Tips to PS4 Players Having Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Woes

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For those who have had difficulty with pre-loaded copies of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for the PlayStation 4, Sony has some suggestions.

A good number of people who pre-loaded their pre-ordered copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are having quite a bit of difficulty getting the game to play. Sony’s recommendations for this bug are to make sure the game has installed the latest update, and that their PlayStation 4 is updated to the latest system software. If that doesn’t solve the problem then users will have to delete all pre-load files and re-download the game.

It doesn’t exactly sound like the most entertaining course of action, especially given the fact that the popular shooter was made readily available in stores across the country on Sunday night. The “Day One” edition of Advanced Warfare had players chomping at the bit to race home and get online, and those who went the digital route most certainly feel as though they were slighted.

Gamers that have used the cross-buy system are also having difficulty in PSN not registering their ownership of the game. In this case Sony has suggested that players use the Restore Licenses function in the PSN settings menu then attempt to locate the copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the PSN Store that is marked as “free”.

It sounds frustrating, to be sure. Have you encountered these issues as of yet, or the aforementioned PlayStation 4 update issues floating around?

Source: CVG

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