Sony: PlayStation Move Better Than Mouse & Keyboard


Sony’s research and development manager thinks that PlayStation Move could be a better way to control RTS games than a mouse and keyboard.

Though real-time strategy games have been ported to consoles in recent years, many would say the best way to play the genre is on a PC with a mouse and keyboard. However, Sony R&D manager Richard Marks believes that the PlayStation Move system might actually outdo the classic PC control scheme.

Marks told CVG: “I think that PC RTS games are designed right now for the mouse and keyboard, but I think the Move can work with the more general idea of an RTS really well.” He believes that becoming a “general or god-like person that can manipulate huge armies” would be like second nature with Move.

Marks refers to the PlayStation Move as able to reach into the third dimension, which would add a layer of control not seen before. “I think that Move would feel way better than a mouse for that, for example, and doing things that require some 3D information is much better with Move,” he said. “The RTS genre has been designed not to require any 3D information, but having that extra dimension and all the angle data that we have too is also very interesting.”

I must say, out of the Wii, Kinect, and PlayStation Move, Move is the technology I’m most interested in. Despite what Peter Molyneux says about Kinect, I’m not sure it’ll be able to give me a superior level of control in the game genres we currently play. Move at least has some potential to do just that, as it seems from demos that it may be able to detect movements more accurately, plus Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, and LittleBigPlanet 2 already. Only time will tell.


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