Sony Trademarks “PlayStation Arc” in Japan


It seems that the development codename for Sony’s motion controller might not be a development codename after all.

Both Sony and Microsoft unveiled their respective motion controllers last year at E3, but while we’ve had a handy name to use when talking about Microsoft’s magical camera for almost a year now, we haven’t had anything quite so convenient for Sony’s offering. What do we call it? Arc? Gem? Plastic ping-pong ball on a stick?

As it turns out, now it might have a name, and it’s not exactly shiny and new: If you’ve been wondering what to call the Arc, wonder no longer, because you’ll probably be officially calling it the … Arc.

Well, that was boring.

This comes from a trademark Sony filed in Japan registering the PlayStation Arc, a week before the device is expected to make an appearance at GDC ’10.

It’s true that the existence of a trademark doesn’t make this a 100% sure thing, but it makes the odds significantly better that Sony has gone with Arc over the more outrageous “Gem”. Personally, though, I find it hard to get excited over “Arc” when Sony also registered a trademark for Hitsuji Boueigun, which apparently translates to “Sheep Defense Force.”

Does that sound like a GOTY to you or what?!

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