Sony has officially announced its first steps into the tablet market with a pair of Android-powered devices that will also boast a host of unique Sony software upgrades.

Sony’s entry into the tablet market, creatively entitled “Sony Tablet,” will come in two flavors, code-named S1 and S2, both packing the latest Android 3.0 operating system, aka “Honeycomb,” and offering WiFi and 3G/4G connectivity. The S1 brings a large, 9.4-inch screen to the party with a unique “off-center of gravity design” intended to boost comfort over long hours of use, while the S2 is a clamshell intended for greater ease of mobility, with dual 5.5-inch displays that can be used either as one large, combined screen or for two separate functions, Nintendo DS-style.

Along with the robust Android software, Sony Tablet will also support the Qriocity streaming music and video service as well as the PlayStation Suite, which offers “high quality first-generation PlayStation titles.” Reader Store accessibility will open up Sony’s full library of eBooks on the devices, while the S1 will also serve as a universal remote control for compatible devices and can even transmit content to large-screen televisions or wireless speakers.

“‘Sony Tablet’ delivers an entertainment experience where users can enjoy cloud-based services on-the-go at any time,” said Kunimasa Suzuki, Corporate Executive, Senior Vice President and Deputy President of Sony’s Consumer Products & Services Group. “We’re aiming to create a new lifestyle by integrating consumer hardware, including ‘Sony Tablet’ with content and network.”

The Sony Tablet devices are currently slated to hit the market in fall 2011. No pricing information is currently available.

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