Peter Dille, the man in charge of SCEA’s marketing, says that Sony isn’t a “me too” kind of company, and that it has broken new ground over and over again.

Last week was the fifteenth anniversary of the PlayStation’s release in the U.S., and looking back over the last decade and a half, Dille says that Sony has constantly come up with fresh ideas to implement in its consoles.

“I was here in ’95 so I remember what it was like,” Dille said. “I’ve always regarded Sony as an innovator; it’s not a ‘me too’ company.” He cites the introduction of CD-ROM, DVD and Blu-Ray into gaming consoles, and technologies like the EyeToy, PlayStation Home, and PlayStation Move as examples of how Sony had broken new ground. He added that it was gratifying that Sony’s innovation wasn’t just limited to a single area, but spanned the range of console and software development.

While it’s undeniable that Sony has done some pretty special things for consoles, Dille’s examples leave a little something to be desired. Whether it’s the Sega CD and TurboGrafx-16 using CD-ROMs years before the PlayStation, or Move using the same template that the Wii used for its controller, his list needs a few qualifiers to be completely accurate.

Source: Industry Gamers

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