Sony’s Anniversary Edition PS4 Celebrates 20 Years of PlayStation


That PSOne gray brings back so many memories of Crash Bandicoot, and PaRappa the Rapper.

If you’re considering a PlayStation 4 purchase this holiday season, Sony has one new bundle that undoubtedly appeals to the nostalgic sector of your brain.

To celebrate 20 years of the PlayStation brand, Sony is selling a limited edition PS4, complete with a PSOne-inspired paint job. The fanboy-targeted console and its equally gray controller each rock the original multi-color PlayStation logo, and both have a 20th anniversary emblem stamped on as well (it’s embedded in the touchpad on the controller). The emblem also notes which number out of the 12,300 limited run your console is.

The console also comes in special packaging, for the 10 or 20 of you who will buy one, and never remove it from said packaging until you sell it on eBay in 2060 for $50,000.

The SE PS4 will run you $499 — $100 more than the standard console bundle — and it will be available in the US and Europe. Pre-orders start on December 6th, during Sony’s PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas (which Fearless Leader Greg Tito will be attending).

Check out the unboxing video up top, and a gaggle of Anniversary Edition photos below. Is the nostalgic paint job enough to get you on board? Let us know on the forums.

Source: PS Blog

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