Sony’s hilarious ad guru Kevin Butler is at it again, this time in a commercial for MLB 10: The Show. American League MVP? Who’s that?

My love for Sony ad spokesman Kevin Butler has been well documented by this point, so I don’t think there’s much point in me saying how awesome I think these commercials are – to the point where I’m actually writing news posts about commercials – but I’ll do it anyway: I think these commercials are awesome, and the Kevin Butler character is brilliant.

This time around, Butler – as VP of Sony’s Softball Team – is promoting Sony San Diego’s MLB ’10: The Show. The game’s cover promptly features Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer, the American League MVP, who is widely considered to be the best catcher in the game – and one of Major League Baseball’s top sluggers – since his debut in 2006. The only problem is that Butler doesn’t seem to know who Mauer is.

…or does he?

Please keep making these ads, Sony. I will be tremendously sad when you stop.

(The Examiner. Thanks, Miracle Max!)

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