Yes, this is seriously the official PS4 unboxing video.

Pulsing electronic music. A blue-bathed room of blinking lights and computer monitors. Cut to giant floating symbols. Cut to a mysterious man with thick leather gloves carefully opening a box containing a delicate piece of machinery. No, this isn’t a scene from Tron, it’s Sony’s official PS4 unboxing video. And that mysterious man? None other that the eccentric President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuehei Yoshida.

To say the the official PS4 unboxing video is over-the-top is perhaps being a bit too kind, but then again, when you’re doing something as mundane as an unboxing video, you’ve really got to go all-or-nothing.

As for what’s actually in the box, the informative video revealed that the PS4 will ship with: a PlayStation Network voucher* (*while stocks last!), a quick start guide (as opposed to the slow start guide for you more patient-types), a DualShock 4 controller, a HDMI cable, a power cord (glad they remembered that one), a mono headset, a USB cable, and of course the system itself, in all it’s shiny glory.

“Greatness awaits,” teases Yoshida at the end of the video. Well, that was certainly a thing that I watched.

Source: Sony

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