Soul Calibur II HD Online Coming to PS3 and Xbox 360


Namco Bandai has revealed an HD version of Soul Calibur II that will available for download this fall.

Fans of fighting games and ridiculous costumes everywhere will have something to look forward to this Fall. During its “Future of Fighting Games” panel at Comic-Con San Diego, Namco Bandai revealed that it will be releasing an HD remaster of Soul Calibur II. Coming as a digital release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Soul Calibur II HD Online will gloss up the second iteration of the popular fighting franchise and add new features to expand on the original game.

A trailer released with the announcement showed off the new version in action, comparing the standard definition visuals of the original to those of the HD upgrade. The results are fine; the game certainly looks smoother than it did in 2003, but its age definitely shows. That said, the visuals are far from the primary draw here. What should really excite fans of the game is the fact that the new version will be adding online multiplayer. That feature on its own could arguably make Soul Caliber II HD Online a worthwhile purchase for fans of the original.

Also among the things shown off in the trailer is the inclusion of Tekken’s Heihachi Mishima, who was a special character in the PS2 version of Soul Calibur II. Notably, Spawn and Link, who were exclusive to the Xbox and Gamecube editions respectively, weren’t in the trailer. Since a Wii U version hasn’t been confirmed we’re going to assume Link will be left out of HD Online. As for Spawn, Namco Bandai wouldn’t comment when asked by attendees about whether or not he’d be in the game.

Source: IGN

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