The latest episode of South Park had Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle splitting up in a conflict of console proportions.

I will admit to being an unabashed fan of South Park. I’ve been watching the show since before I was old enough to understand many of the jokes and I’ve loved it ever since. Not surprisingly, I’ve always been an especial fan of the series’ various videogame spoofs. Make Love, Not Warcraft easily ranks among my favorite episodes from the entire show.

That in mind, last night’s new episode, Black Friday, added yet another excellent game-centric chapter to the series ever expanding retinue of episodes. Taking aim at both the Black Friday shopping holiday and the ever contentious console wars, it delivered some great moments as the South Park kids divided up to fight one another in a battle to get the best Black Friday deals on their consoles of choice.

What I found really impressive about the episode was just how well the writing captured the arguments and diatribe that often permeates fanboy feuds. “Come on Kyle, “says Cartman at one point. “Let these Sony f***s wallow in their limited voice control functionality.” The fact that the episode also managed to parody Game of Thrones was also a clear bonus. Black Friday ended on a cliffhanger, so here’s hoping that next week will continue with the fandom-centric humor.

Source: VG247

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