South Park: The Stick of Truth Will be Censored in Australia

South Park: The Stick of Truth screen

Despite earning the nation’s new R 18+ rating, the game will still suffer from some censorship.

Ubisoft have confirmed to Player Attack that its upcoming South Park RPG: South Park: The Stick of Truth will be censored for its release in Australia next March, despite receiving an R 18+ rating. At this stage, we are not entirely sure what has been cut, but the Ubisoft spokesperson said that it will only be a “slightly modified version”.

When Australian politicians finally, kicking and screaming, admitted that adults play videogames and introduced an R 18+ rating, people thought that the days of games being banned and censored from the country were over. But this turned out to be far from the case, as you may remember from that whole Saints Row IV fiasco earlier in the year.

Saints Row IV eventually made it through with some slight modifications, but it now looks like publishers aren’t even bothering to take chances, submitting censored versions of controversial games right from the get-go.

The Australian Classification Board has actually rated South Park: The Stick of Truth twice. Three weeks ago, the Board rated another Ubisoft title, “Codename”, which, as it had the same “High impact crude humour, sex scenes and references to sexual violence” as The Stick of Truth, we can only assume was the super subtle codename for the game.

We have reached out to Ubisoft to ask what, specifically, has been cut from the Australian version, and will update this post if more information becomes available.

Source: Player Attack

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