Space Hulk To Deploy Onto iOS Next Week


The iOS port will feature cross-platform play and the full single player campaign.

Mobile platforms are the dark matter of games. You can’t see it, but they comprise a ridiculous amount of mass in the gaming universe. It’s not all Angry Birds and match-three clones either, as there are real games out there, too. While devices like the iPad aren’t ideal for shooters, they make awesome platforms for turn-based strategy titles and board game adaptations. For just that reason, Full Control is bringing Space Hulk to iOS, allowing players to burn heretics, kill mutants, and purge the unclean, wherever they happen to be.

The iOS port will feature everything in the other versions, including all twelve missions from the Sin of Damnation campaign. Single player is fine for rainy days, but the tension of Space Hulk is best experienced with friends. Not only can you do hot seat multiplayer, but it will also have cross-platform support for those using PC or Mac versions.

Earlier this month, the PC and Mac versions received two additional DLC campaigns in the form of Defilement of Honour and Sword of Halcyon. While Full Control hasn’t said one way or another, it’s entirely possible for these expansions to show up as in-app purchases in the iOS port.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Space Hulk is an adaptation of the classic Warhammer 40k board game. You’ll lead a small squad of terminator Space Marines through the twisted remains of derelict vessels infested with Tyranid gene-stealers. It’s a claustrophobic game where death can come quickly, but that’s ok, because it’s better to die for the Emperor then live for yourself.

Space Hulk will be available for $9.99 in the iOS App Store on December 5th.

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