Spector: Epic Mickey Contains “Best Of Deus Ex


Don’t think that Warren Spector has gotten soft just because he’s making a Disney game.

The first thing that comes to mind when people think about a Mickey Mouse game is typically not deep and complex. Warren Spector wants to make sure we know that Epic Mickey will buck that trend, comparing it to his 2000 sci-fi FPS Deus Ex.

Deus Ex allowed players to choose their own play styles, taking different approaches to the same situation using varied abilities. In a lengthy interview, Spector told Gamasutra that these are the types of games he likes to make, and that Epic Mickey will still “fit within my personal game design philosophy and the studio’s mission.”

“You know, the graphics may be different, the hero may be different, the fiction may be different, but there’s some real Deus Ex-y gameplay in this, if people will give Mickey a chance,” he said. He wants Epic Mickey to be “a combination of the best of platform games, the best of action-adventure games, and the best of Deus Ex-style role playing.”

Spector also related that he hates “telling players what good and evil is,” and that “there is a price to pay for being a warmonger, and there’s a price to pay for being a pacifist.” This is what Spector says he wants players to experience in Epic Mickey.

So if you’re still prejudiced against Epic Mickey because it features Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters, it might be time to open your mind. Mickey’s journey to save the world from the Phantom Blot could hold us over while we’re all waiting for the actual next Deus Ex game to come out (which is sadly not a project of Spector’s this time).

Source: Gamasutra

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