As one loot cave closes, another opens…

Destiny’s fabled “loot cave” was, for the longest time, an unorthodox method for players to farm for loot. Unfortunately, the latest patch “1.0.1 Hotfix 5” released by Bungie yesterday corrected the exploit that allowed Guardians to shoot into a cave where low level enemies spawn and plunder everything dropped. The dev’s reason for fixing the exploit was that “shooting at a black hole for hours on end isn’t our dream for how Destiny is played”.

And yet, in the short time since the nerfing of that cave, players have uncovered another similar area located nearby. PS4Trophies reports that a spawn point in Old Russia’s Rocketyard has the same 6-second timer as its precursor in Skywatch. The new “Treasure Cave 2.0” features the same drop rates and can be tackled solo.

Players have been griping that the Engram drop rate coupled with their unusual decryption percentages make it difficult to find and upgrade superior gear after reaching level 20. Along with the loot cave, multiple other farming methods and areas have surfaced for players to grind for better items. The loot cave, and now its successor, happen to be the most effective and less time consuming method to date.

Source: Polygon

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