Spider-Man 3 Composer to Score The Saboteur


As if killing Nazis like some kind of mid-century MacGyver wasn’t enough reason for you to drop your $60 on a copy of The Saboteur, the game’s backing tunes come courtesy of Hollywood composer Christopher Young.

Admittedly, a quick trip to the Internet Movie Database might leave you doubting Mr. Young’s work. After all, he’s the guy who penned the score for Spider-Man 3 — a film most notable for a single scene in which Peter “Don’t Tell Anyone That I’m Super Bat Forbush Spider-Man” Parker dancemopes his way down a New York City street like the overly made-up love child of Tony Manero and Pete Wentz.

On the other hand, Young has also composed tunes for some of the better horror flicks of modern times, including Drag Me To Hell, Hellraiser, and the second Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

Then again, on the other other hand, he also proudly counts Queen Latifah’s Beauty Shop, the Latifah-free American version of Japanese horror flick The Grudge and Nic Cage’s Ghost Rider as part of his portfolio.

I could keep going back and forth contrasting Young’s work on laughably bad films with his efforts on movies that probably didn’t cause anyone to go blind, but neither of us have that kind of time. You can see the rest of his credits on his IMDB page, but prepare to be left completely baffled by his schizophrenic career trajectory.

I’d like to say that The Saboteur is in good hands with Mr. Young, but reading up on his career only serves to cause splitting headaches and massive confusion. I almost hope Young selects projects purely to feed a rampant heroin addiction. At least then he could justify his work on Virtuosity

Let’s all just hope the soundtrack to The Saboteur comes out more closely resembling 1999’s The Hurricane (double points for the inclusion of a Bob Dylan song) or even the surprisingly awesome Tales From The Hood. If it’s closer to The Dorm That Dripped Blood, well … let’s just say it wasn’t even the best movie ever made about college housing with menstrual issues.

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