Spider-Man Actress Webslings Away From Broadway Musical

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The actress who plays Arachne in the Spider-Man Broadway show is beating a hasty retreat, probably with good reason.

The Broadway production of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark hasn’t exactly received a lot of good press, thanks to all the public problems that have plagued it since its first public performance. Now, it sounds like the show has its first official nail in the coffin, thanks to one of its main actors is leaving the musical.

According to two sources that spoke to the New York Times (on the condition of anonymity), Natalie Mendoza, who was injured early on in the preview performances, is leaving the show. Mendoza played Arachne, the show’s main villain who initially helps create Spider-Man’s public persona.

Said the Times about the departure:

Ms. Mendoza’s representatives and the producers of “Spider-Man” have been hammering out an exit agreement for days now, and an official statement is expected as early as Tuesday, the two people said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the producers have forbidden public comments given that lawyers and others are still fine-tuning the language to explain Ms. Mendoza’s departure, an artistic loss and embarrassing blow to the production.

Mendoza’s been taking time off from the play after sustaining a concussion when a rope holding some equipment struck her in the head while she was standing offstage. After all the reports of accidents, technical delay-ridden performances, and rumors that investors want to cut their losses and just get out, I think it’s safe to call the show “troubled,” though “eventually doomed” is a tempting label to add, as well.

Source: New York Times

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