The ambitious and expensive Spider-Man musical needs a little extra time to polish a few things – like the songs, and the ending.

Problems continue to plague the extravagant Spider-Man musical, Turn Off the Dark, with news that the show will miss its scheduled opening date of January 11th, and instead open at some as-yet unspecified point in February.

It’s thought that the producers are using this extra time to rework the show before critics see it, although according to show insiders, the extent to which the show needs to be changed is still undecided. Possible changes include crafting a new final number, tinkering with the dialogue and possibly working with Bono and the Edge, who return from their current U2 tour later this month, to add more songs.

This will be the fourth major delay Turn Off the Dark has weathered. The first two were down to problems raising the $65 million to put on the show – the highest price tag for a Broadway show in history – and the third was to allow for more rehearsal time. Delays aren’t the only problem the show has had to contend with either, as several cast members have sustained injuries while on set.

With the show looking interesting – to put it politely – and needing to make a million dollars a week just to break even, Turn Off the Dark looked like it was going to struggle to make its money back anyway, and this delay isn’t going to help. It’s probably not time to start singing the Doom Song just yet, but you might want to warm your voice up, just in case.

Source: Arts Beat via Heat Vision Blog

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