Spike TV Video Game Awards Tease “Taking On the Planet”


The latest Spike TV VGA teaser shows a game where players will likely engage in a worldwide battle.

The exclusive premieres coming to Spike TV’s Video Game Awards next month on December 11 just keep growing. The network has released yet another teaser for a game that could feature a huge conflict.

The teaser says: “Get ready to take on the planet,” and shows a view from space of what is presumably Earth. A targeting reticule then appears and the camera zooms to a view of cloud-covered mountains. The final shot we get is of what appears to be a signal flare burning on the ground and a helicopter flying above.

According to NeoGAF, the video was tagged with “EA Games” at one point, which has fueled speculation that the teaser is for Battlefield 3. It’s hard to get a good look at that chopper to determine if it’s futuristic or modern-day, so there’s not too much to go on for the game’s setting aside from the fact that it hints towards a planet-sized battle. That targeting interface definitely infers that someone will be firing things from space.

This “planet” game joins the future reveals for Batman: Arkham City, a Guillermo del Toro game, a BioWare mystery project, a PlayStation 3 exclusive from Sony, and possibly something zombie-related. Does Spike TV have anything else under its sleeve? I’m almost thinking about watching the VGAs this year, maybe.

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