The Xbox One launch title promises more zombie-smashing with less hassle.

The Dead Rising franchise has always been about putting regular guys into the role of a hero. In the 2006 debut on Xbox 360, Frank West was a journalist just trying to survive the mall as he tried to figure out where the zombies came from. Chuck Greene was a former motorcycle racing champion cum zombie reality show contestant in Dead Rising 2 who had to fight the horde in a Las Vegas lookalike city. The new game will launch with the Xbox One on November 22nd and features Nick Ramos, a mechanic, in the city of Los Perdidos.

While there’s tons of bells and whistles associated with the new console, Dead Rising 3 most anticipated feature is probably the ability to create makeshift weapons without needing to be at a stationary workbench. Ramos will be able to strap a chainsaw to a broom handle no matter where he is.

Oh, and you can now splice vehicles together to escape the thousands of infected. Come on, admit it. You’ve always wanted to ride a RollerHawg – that’s a motorcycle combined with a steamroller – and burst the skulls of zombies like watermelons. Well, now you can. So thanks, Capcom.

Personally, Dead Rising 3 is one of the launch titles I’m looking forward to the most from the Xbox One.

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