During its EA Showcase today, EA Maxis announced Darkspore, an action RPG in the vein of Diablo inspired by (and using) the Spore creature creation tech.

We’d heard rumors that EA would be announcing a new Spore game today during its EA Showcase press conference. As it turns out, we were half-right: Maxis is working on Darkspore, a game that – while obviously inspired by some of the Spore idea – isn’t actually a new Spore title.

It isn’t “an extension” of Spore, but uses much of the technology including its famed creature editor. The game is about “building genetic heroes” who are living weapons and hunting down loot – you know, like Diablo and Torchlight.

Also like Diablo, it’s a game heavily based around co-op online play. Darkspore is scheduled for February 2011. Stay tuned for more details as we learn more.

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