According to a leaked EULA, you may soon see Will Wright’s (in)famous creature-building game Spore on Steam.

The EULA is here at the moment and strongly suggests that the DRM-hungry beast will soon be downloadable.

Though an immediate hit with gamers, Spore took a hammering from gamers on Amazon and others, almost purely due to its DRM and the basic shortness/un-Darwinian progress.

Don’t expect the game’s infamous security measures to disappear though – Steam has published quite a few SecuROM releases with the DRM still attached. Some other reviewers are expressing surprise at this move, but given that EA is Valve’s publisher for Half-Life and Left 4 Dead, it really was just a matter of time.

We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.

Source : Gamecyte

Updated: 19th December : You heard it here first. Spore, Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Mass Effect, Need for Speed Undercover and EA SPORTS FIFA Manager 2009 have all been released over Steam.

Over the next few weeks, so we’re told, Mirror’s Edge, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, and Dead Space will be joining them.

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