Square-Enix Teases New Game


Square-Enix has a mysterious new teaser site up with a countdown clock. Judging by the title of the site, we’re guessing it’s for a new game.

Head to this url on Square-Enix’s Japanese site, and you’ll be greeted with a quaint little sketch of a pastoral scene. The number 4 rests on the right hand side of the window, with a countdown clock currently ticking down from the 200s sitting above it. Whatever purpose could this site serve? Well…I don’t know, guessing from the title of the site my browser is displaying, I’m guessing it’s for a NEW GAME.

Subtlety, clearly, is not the forte of whoever put this little package together. As a teaser it definitely meets its aim, however, namely: to tease. I don’t have many guesses to wager as to what NEW GAME this site is hinting at, though that 4 seems awfully indicative. Square fans have already put two and two together and figured that this could be for Romancing SaGa 4, or maybe a new Secret of Mana (the main series would be on its fourth title in Japan, where it’s Seiken Densetsu).

SaGa seems to be the more likely of the two possibilities, considering the familiarity of the art and music on the teaser site. SaGa has always had a very painterly art style, which reached its peak in the watercolor-esque graphics in SaGa Frontier 2. The series has never really had the same sort of mega-success that Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest do, but hey, you guys are always complaining that Square needs to do different stuff.

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