Say what you will about the dubstep Run DMC remix, but this footage of SSX is awesome.

Unlike that Metal Gear Solid Rising clip I posted earlier, there are no cruel bait-and-switch tactics in this newly-released trailer for EA’s upcoming SSX. The clip is nearly two minutes of physics-defying, in-game action that should make any fan of the series anxious for the game’s February 2012 release.

Granted, the song accompanying the footage — a dubstep remix of Run DMC’s classic “It’s Tricky” courtesy producer Pretty Lights — leaves a lot to be desired (unlaced Adidas and tangential ties to Aerosmith, for instance), but the footage of the game itself is an enthralling mix of the series’ classic over-the-top snowboarding action and the new game’s impressive vistas.

Now that you’ve watched the clip, I’d also like you to have a look at the intro for SSX Tricky, both so you can compare the new game to its predecessors and because this clip includes a far less grating version of Run DMC’s classic song.

Consider this your unicorn chaser if that over-produced bassline got stuck in your head.

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