The beta for Sony’s latest shooter has been available for less than a week, but players in the game have already murdered quite a few of their brethren.

The Killzone 3 beta went up on the PlayStation store on February 3rd, but so far Guerrilla Games has tallied more than 400,000 multiplayer matches. There are half a million players listed on the leaderboards, and together they have accrued more than 62 million kills. In case you needed a frame of reference, that’s more people than currently reside in countries like United Kingdom or Italy. Guerrilla Games hasn’t only been using the Killzone 3 beta test to commit online genocide on millions of virtual combatants, the flood of players has also allowed the team to stress test the multiplayer servers to get ready for when the game is released into the wild only on PS3s on February 22nd here in North America.

“We are happy that we are encountering these issues now, during a Beta, instead of after launch. This will help us get ready for the huge amount of people that are expected to go online at launch,” a representative from Guerrilla said.

Not only will the test give the team vital information to help server performance, but it’s also a chance for the team to tweak weapon and further balance the multiplayer. “This Beta also gives us the opportunity to change Killzone 3 based on feedback that we get. Although we’ve already gone gold, we can and will make server side adjustment to things like weapon damage, balancing issues etc. So this is not a demo; it is a Beta for us to test the game.”

I think that testing out a game in beta form, especially one that has a huge competitive multiplayer portion, is always a good thing. Console gamer-makers aren’t always given that opportunity, though, and I think it’s great that Guerrilla is using the chance Sony gave them to make sure that Killzone 3 is the best game that it can be.

How “good” the game ends up being is yet to be determined.

Source: PlayStation Blog EU

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