Stalin vs. Martians Coming This Fall


Black Wing Foundation, Dreamlore and N-Game have announced Stalin vs. Martians, an upcoming release with a catchy name and the year’s most bizarre real-time strategy experience.

The game is described as fast, simple, intuitive and incredibly fun, as well as trashy, over-the-top and “a perfect choice for anyone who just hates the strategy genre.” In the summer of 1942, the Martians land somewhere in Siberia and launch an attack against the glorious people of Holy Mother Russia, prompting Stalin to take personal control of the country’s anti-ET military forces. Players will take over command of the Red Army forces in a top secret campaign to kick the butts of the Martians.

“We can talk for hours about Stalin and all the controversies that surround him. We’re Russian and we possibly know the subject better than you,” according to the game’s official FAQ. “But all this talk doesn’t make any sense, you know, at all. Accept Stalin vs. Martians as a Montypythonesque humor or get the fuck out of here.”

The developers say that along with conventional RTS units, Stalin himself will be a playable unit in the late stages of the game when he will appear as a colossus five times larger than any other creature, just like in real life. They also promise that despite appearances, this is not a joke. “The game is real. It is in development, it will be released, you can buy it and drool on it for months. That’s what makes the project THAT important,” they said. “It is here and now, and it is absolutely unique.”

Featuring plenty of weird gameplay, “pretty like schoolgirl with a kitten” graphics and “martian forces (that) look like a gay parade of Nintendo-styled cartoonish characters,” Stalin vs. Martians is slated for release in late fall 2008. More information is available at the Dreamlore Games website.

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