Stalin vs. Martians: The Musical Onslaught Continues


Gamers who enjoyed the “Stalin Loves Disco” trailer for Stalin vs. Martians are invited to meet Ilya Orange, the man who created the game’s original score, and to sample another track that will be included with the game by Russian metal band ANJ.

In response to interest generated by last week’s release of the “Stalin Loves Disco” promo trailer for the upcoming RTS and potential “Weird Russian Game of the Year” candidate, the Stalin vs. Martians creators have raised the curtain on the man behind the music, Ilya Orange. Based out of Moscow, Orange is a techno/electro/ambient artist who started with “happy hardcore and rave” in 1996 and has since branched out into Goa and psy trance, traditional ambient and techno, and has now created the original soundtrack for Stalin vs. Martians, a game he describes as “f***** epic!” Fans of the track can download a stand-alone version directly from the Stalin vs. Martians website.

Also available on the site is the hilariously Soviet (and violent) music video for “Gorbachev,” a song by Russian metal band ANJ, that features busty Communist beauties, Stalin zombies and a muscle-bound, axe-wielding Mikhail Gorbachev who shoots lasers from his eyes. Appropriately, the track and the “legendary” video will be included with the game.

Stalin vs. Martians is currently in the final stages of development and is scheduled for release in April.

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