Stan Lee Becomes the Superhero He Created


Swing through New York as the Amazing Stan Lee.

Excelsior! In what will probably be one of his most interesting cameo appearances to date, legendary comic book creator Stan “The Man” Lee will star as a playable character in Beenox’s Amazing Spider-Man, scheduled to hit stores next month.

Available to those who pre-order Amazing Spider-Man through Amazon (or GAME for UK residents), Lee’s in-game persona plays very similar to Spider-Man himself, swinging around from building to building using powers “borrowed” from the famous web-slinger. Lee will even get his own unique mission, which involves finding lost manuscript pages in Manhattan.

“I’m just a living cartoon,” Lee said in an interview with Yahoo. “I couldn’t believe it when I got the call from Activision. Then they asked would that be OK with me, would I want to do it. I shouted, ‘Of course!’ It sounded sensational.”

Lee went all out for his videogame role, spending time in the recording booth to provide Beenox with some of his iconic banter and undergoing a photo shoot to capture his physical appearance.

“I didn’t know if they made me look more like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt,” Lee joked. “It’s hard to know, and it must be hard for them to pick the right image for me because how could you reproduce this [face] accurately in just a game?”

Lee also praised Activision for its work on superhero games, saying the company does an excellent job of remaining true to the source material.

“Every game Activision does, I am so impressed with the quality of it: the visuals, the sound, the imagination that they put into it,” Lee said. “They are all true to the comic books, but they are all different enough from the comic books that it is a totally different experience.”

Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled to release June 26th in North America and June 29th in Europe.

Source: Yahoo

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