Guardians of the Galaxy one-shot

No doubt you cannot believe this earth-shattering news is true, but rest assured, it is.

Stan Lee has made a cameo in almost every single film ever-based on a Marvel comics franchise. His appearances are so reliable that post-apocalyptic future generations might even create an agricultural calendar around them*. But given the setting and its complete disconnect from any situation in which we could imagine a nonagenarian just kind of happening to be on the scene, it made sense when Lee himself said he would be making no cameo appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. But as it turns out, he was wrong. And like that, our innocence is gone forever.

Over the weekend, Stan the Man made an appearance at C2E2 in Chicago, and when asked about the possibility of a cameo role in the (I HOPE) inevitable science fiction blockbuster, he revealed it’s already a done deal.

I did, already. I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you I do not understand what it was or why I did it. It has me with a girl – a very pretty girl – that’s all I can tell you.”

Well, this certainly puts the reports last month of nebulous Guardians reshoots in a completely new light. At that time, Director James Gunn said about those reshoots, in part, “Something to make the movie better? Do it. Cool cameo idea? Bring ’em in.” I think we now know with 100% certainty what the cameo in question was.

Given his advanced age, not to mention the fact that Star-Lord is essentially the lone human in the film’s main story, being as he is an exile from Earth, I’m willing to bet they didn’t film Stan Lee in anything that would require hours and hours of prosthetic makeup. And since the reshoots mentioned above were notable, supposedly, for featuring vehicles bearing SHIELD logos, I think it’s a reasonable guess that the cameo takes place on Earth, and it might even be the stinger. Anyone care to speculate baselessly about it in comments?

Incidentally, Stan Lee is 91 years old. Love him or hate him, he’s not going to be around very much longer. That, truthfully, kind of bums me out.

Source: Variety.

* Though how they’ll reconcile said calendar with the religion based on the worship of Lord McDonald, who protects us from Papajon the Destroyer, remains to be seen.

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