Standalone Rock Band 4 Will Cost $20 More On Xbox One


Accessory required for legacy controllers on Microsoft’s console adds to price.

Harmonix has announced that pre-orders for the most basic release of Rock Band 4 have become available at participating retailers and fans can now secure their copy for launch day. And while the developer seems to have kept the interests of its fans at heart when designing the new game to be compatible with their well worn controllers, Xbox One owners aren’t going to be able to get away without an accessory.

The Xbox One version of Rock Band 4, when purchased in its standalone version which retails for $79.99, will come bundled with a “Legacy Game Controller Adapter” that allows the use of those old plastic instruments. The PlayStation 4 release will require no such adapter (presumably because Sony opted not to use a proprietary wireless technology for the PS3) and will be sold for the standard new release price of $59.99. Harmonix has provided a guide explaining which controllers will be compatible with each version of Rock Band 4

It’s still a far sight from having to buy a whole set of controllers, of course. When considering how much money I’ve invested in my Rock Band library, an additional twenty bucks to remove the requirement of a new guitar seems like a drop in the bucket.

Along with the pre-order announcement, another set of tracks in Rock Band 4 has been revealed. Newly announced content includes songs from Cake (“Short Skirt/Long Jacket”), Arctic Monkeys (“Arabella”), Soundgarden (“Superunknown”) and Mega Man-inspired concept band The Protomen (“Light Up The Night”).

Source: Harmonix

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