Powered by a sexy new “advertisement” for the Anvil Aerospace Hornet, Star Citizen has achieved a record-setting $24 million in crowdfunding.

There have been a lot of crowdfunding success stories over the past couple of years, but the big daddy of them all is one that’s rung up most of its money outside the familiar confines of Kickstarter: Star Citizen, the space sim epic being developed by Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts’ indie startup Roberts Space Industries.

Roberts announced today that Star Citizen is now up to $24 million in funding, driven to that mark by the advertisement and brochure for the Anvil Aerospace F7C Hornet, the civilian version of the UEE F7A Hornet fighter. The trailer is done in the style of a conventional automobile commercial, which is a fun touch, but what makes it really remarkable is that it was rendered by the game engine in real-time at 4K resolution.

“We scale everything for the super high resolutions that will be the basis of tomorrow’s gaming experience; our assets are designed with high polycounts instead of having details baked into their textures,” the studio wrote. “The next generation of CPUs and GPUs will make this kind of experience possible in gameplay, and we are building Star Citizen to be ready.”

With $24 million achieved, Roberts said the Star Citizen public transportation system will be expanded to include “star liners, long range transports, charter ships and flyable shuttles.” He also announced a $26 million stretch goal, an “enhanced capital ship system,” which will “expand the functionality” of large ships in the game. The way things are going, it’ll probably make it with ease.

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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