Star Citizen LEGO Build On Path to Become Official Set – Update


A LEGO brick rendition of the Star Citizen‘s F7A Hornet fighter has reached 10,000 supporters and receive and official company review.

Update: We reached out to Cloud Imperium Games to see if the mind’s behind Star Citizen had any response to the successful Ideas campaigns. The game’s creator Chris Roberts had the following to say:

“The story I always tell about my love of building a sci-fi universe is how when I was eight and I first saw Star Wars I raced home after to build X-Wings and Tie Fighters from my LEGO (which back then didn’t have all the custom pieces and themes as it does today). So to have our community so excited by the Star Citizen universe that they are building ships from it in LEGO puts a big smile on my face. And to have one of the ships, Nosmigon’s Hornet get over 10,000 votes and be put forward for consideration for an official LEGO set is amazing. I hope LEGO green-light the Hornet -it’s a brilliant model- as I’ll be one of the first to buy and build it.”

Original Story: If there’s one project that’s proven the power of crowdfunding, Star Citizen is arguably it. The product of Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, it managed to quadruple its original Kickstarter goal and, in the two years since, has managed to raise more than $55 million of total funding. Not content with just aiding the game in its quest to claim the crown of crowdfunding however, its fan base has apparently taken to helping it conquer other entertainment mediums outside of gaming.

A recently launched LEGO Ideas campaign based on one of the game’s spacecraft, for instance, has rocketed to approval after its army of supporters caught wind of it and lent it their obviously powerful support. In a single week, the project achieved more than 6,000 supporters. A day later it broke the 10,000 backer threshold required to put it up for official review by LEGO. The next review will be taking place in January 2015. If LEGO decides that it passes, it will then enter into production as an official set.

The model itself was is a reconstruction of the F7A Hornet starship from the in-the-works game. All in all, it’s a nice looking recreation of the ship and we can certainly understand why so many fans flocked to help it along the path to official recognition. It’s worth noting, of course, that any set released by LEGO would require cooperation from the game’s developers at Cloud Imperium, but we’re having a hard time thinking of any reasons that the studio might turn down the opportunity to have one of its creations gloriously LEGO-fied. Check out the Ideas campaign for yourself and swing by the Imgur page of its creator Nosmigon. He’s also released the instructions for this build, free of charge, if you don’t feel like waiting for it to (potentially) make it to store shelves.

Source: LEGO Ideas

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