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As Star Citizen hits $28 million, creator Chris Roberts says the crowdfunding stretch goals are “examples” of what’s being done with the money.

Star Citizen continues to bring in ridiculous amounts of money from “the crowd” and has now topped the $28 million mark, meaning that yet another stretch goal has been reached: the Mustang, a personal spacecraft produced by Roberts Space Industries competitor Consolidated Outland. The Mustang will be available as a starting ship alongside the Aurora, offering superior speed and power at the expense of cargo space, weapon hardpoints and stability.

In a message announcing the $28 million achievement, Roberts clarified that it does not in fact cost a million dollars to design a new starship for the game, or to accomplish a lot of other stretch goals that have come and gone. They’re “examples,” he said, of “one big thing we will be doing with some of the money.”

“Every additional million means that we’re hiring additional artists and programmers, equipping the team with better development tools and increasing the size of the talented outsource groups being trusted with aspects of Star Citizen’s development,” Roberts wrote. “Every dollar improves the project. That isn’t as sexy as spending large amounts of money on impressive, headline-grabbing stretch goals… but it means a significantly better game in the end.”

To reflect that fact, Roberts said that instead of promising specific new features, money from the next several stretch goals will simply go to “improving all aspects of Star Citizen’s development,” with the addition of new ships from each of the game’s “big manufacturers” as milestone rewards.

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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