Star Fox – Guard Announced For Wii U


Star Fox Guard is a tower-defense style Star Fox spin-off that will launch with Star Fox Zero.

During today’s Nintendo’s Direct, featuring Wii U and 3DS titles releasing this year, Nintendo announced a brand-new Star Fox spin-off launching alongside Star Fox Zero. Star Fox Guard is a kind of tower-defense game, featuring Slippy’s uncle “Grippy” as he controls Slippy’s defense system in order to stop enemies from getting through.

Players will be able to upload their own custom defense configurations to the internet to let others try them out.

Star Fox Guard will launch alongside Star Fox Zero on April 22. It will be bundled together with the main game in a “first print” bundle, but can also be purchased by itself from Nintendo eShop for $14.99. Customers that purchase the digital version of either Star Fox Zero or Star Fox Guard will receive a $4.99 Nintendo eShop discount toward the other game.

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