This could be the best version of “Space Oddity” sung by anthropomorphic animals you’ll hear all week.

Space Oddity,” otherwise (incorrectly) known as “Major Tom,” was one of musician David Bowie’s biggest hits. Its timing couldn’t have been more perfect: Its release came a year after 2001: A Space Odyssey (hence the name) and mere days before the Apollo 11 lunar landing, so space was on everyone’s mind. It’s the story of an astronaut named Major Tom, who goes into space and … okay, the part after that has always been a bit weird.

To the right, you’ll see the song, re-imagined by Brentalfloss and Underbelly to feature the cast of Star Fox. In it, Fox McCloud has to put up with the frustration of having crazy and useless wingmen, all the while battling the forces of Andross and living in the shadow of his dead father. So basically, it’s just like the actual David Bowie song.

What surprises me is that it’s actually a really well-done song, all humor aside. Yes, the voices are in character the entire time, but there’s some crazy good three-part harmony later on that deserves a heaping helping of kudos.

I’m going to throw my vote in for Brentalfloss and Underbelly to do Labyrinth next time, as sung by the Super Mario Bros. Just imagine Bowser in David Bowie’s super-tight Jareth pants!

Nevermind, don’t imagine that.

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