Star Lord Gets New Comic In Time For Guardians Of The Galaxy

x-men paco medina

Legendary Star Lord #1 drops one month before the next big movie in the MCU.

I won’t lie: I am looking forward to no movie in 2014 like i’m looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy. Which is probably why an announcement with no real information or even so much as a preview of art has me drooling. Marvel has announced that a new title featuring the ostensible leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, called Legendary Star Lord, will launch this July, a month before the premier of the Guardians film.

Written by Sam Humphries, with art by Paco Medina and covers by Steve McNiven, the series is the third new Guardians-related title, along with Rocket Raccoon and Guardians Of The Galaxy. Unfortunately, no plot synopsis or art has been released – which is why we’ve included some of Medina’s X-Men work here instead. However, C2E2 is this weekend in Chicago, and it’s likely we’ll get our first taste of the solo adventures of Star Lord there – The Escapist will be on the scene and we’ll report back with anything we see.

While we wait, how do you feel about it? Is Marvel in danger of oversaturation with Guardians content? Or is it about damn time we saw the Guardians given more face time on the pages of the Marvel universe? (Obviously, I think it’s the second.) Sound off in comments.

Via Cosmic Book News and Bleeding Cool.

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