We’re one step closer to the holodeck being a real thing…

At Ubisoft’s E3 press conference today, the publisher dropped a rather big surprise on its fanbase – a massive, full-scale Star Trek VR game, called Star Trek – Bridge Crew. Levar Burton, AKA Star Trek‘s Gordi, came on stage to talk a bit about the game, telling us that this is the real deal, and is easily the most immersive game he has played.

The game is a full VR experience, and is built to be completely co-op – you’ll need to bring a full team of friends along to be able to pilot the enterprise. Each player will take a “role” on the bridge, such as engineer or captain, and have to work together to complete missions.

This is truly the game that hard-core Star Trek fans have been waiting for, as it essentially lets you be on the enterprise. It’s coming in Fall, 2016 to “all major VR platforms,” so we can assume the Rift and the Vive, and possibly even PS VR.

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