Star Trek Illustrates the Dangers of Facebook


Trouble strikes the Starship Enterprise when Mr. Spock can’t stop checking his Facebook page.

Facebook is everywhere these days. It’s obscenely popular – a year ago it overtook Google as the most-visited web site in the United States – and it’s a good bet that almost everyone you know has a Facebook account. But what if Facebook had existed in the future – as imagined in the past – of Star Trek‘s 23rd century?

The video you see here attempts to answer that question. You see, in the original Star Trek, Mr. Spock was always looking into a mysterious black scanner box in order to report his scientific evaluations to Captain Kirk. According to this clip, though, Spock was really just using that time to browse his “Spacebook” list.

It’s an incredibly well-edited clip – Spock’s reactions to the things he reads (as posted by the other members of the Enterprise) are spot-on. It’s also very clever in its complete lack of dialogue – nobody says a word through the whole scene, but the intention still comes through nonetheless.

I guess your coworkers finding those embarrassing photos on your Wall is still a problem two hundred and fifty years in the future, huh?

(The Nerdist)

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