Star Wars: Battlefront Will Launch In Holiday 2015

star wars battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront is EA’s big 2015 Christmas blockbuster.

We’ve been excited for Star Wars: Battlefront (technically Star Wars: Battlefront 3 ever since it was first revealed earlier in the year. Now, it looks like we won’t have to be waiting quite as long as we’d thought, as EA has announced the title will be arriving in time for Christmas next year.

“May the Force be with you,” Tweeted the official EA Twitter, “Star Wars Battlefront will release for Holiday 2015.” In its annual earnings call, EA stated that Battlefront would be the focus for 2015, and that Battlefield 5 (or whatever it is that comes after Hardline) won’t be released until fall 2016 at the earliest.

Just like its predecessors, Battlefront will be a first-person-shooter… but that’s about all the info we know about it. Since it’s being developed by Battlefield developer DICE in Sweden, and since the original games did have the whole Battlefield-scale, well, battlefields, we can probably assume that the game will essentially boil down to Battlefield: Star Wars Edition. Which sounds awesome.

EA has promised more information on the game by spring 2015, so you guys will just have to hold on until then!

Source: Twitter

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