Star Wars Episode VII: Is Oxford Student Ben Kenobi’s Descendant?


If so, this will be the first time on the big screen for Maisie Richardson-Sellers.

Star Wars Episode VII has started filming, and while most of the cast have been chosen – not officially confirmed, mind you, but Disney has a secret file locked away in its deepest dungeon guarded by Pluto himself with all the details – not every part has been filled yet. Among the missing is Ben Kenobi’s descendant, who’s meant to meet Luke, Han and Leia’s kids and (presumably) save the universe together. But if Hollywood can be believed, the most likely candidate for this role is Oxford student Maisie Richardson-Sellers. If she gets it, this will be her big screen debut.

She’s a stage actress, appearing at the Oxford Playhouse for the most part, with side trips to the Edinburgh Fringe. The Oxford Student seems to like her work, and she co-founded a theatre company of her own; if you happen to have lived in London in the past couple years, you may have seen her Footprint Company in action.

This is all speculation at the moment, just like pretty much everything else to do with Star Wars Episode VII. However it’d be interesting to see it happen; a virtual unknown could have a lot of fun with a major role like this, particularly since it’d carry on for the next few movies in the franchise. Abrams does have a history of casting unknowns, and he’s the one who wrote the script. It’s certainly a career maker, if she can pull it off.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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