Star Wars Fan Builds Floating Lightsaber Training Droid


Repulsorlift technology is a long way off, so when you’re building your very own lightsaber training buddy, you have to improvise.

Stars Wars fan and YouTube user, Troopertrent, has constructed a model of the training remote seen in A New Hope. What’s more, thanks to the amazing power of magnetism, the model is actually able to float without the need for wires or cables.

The training remote scene is a short, but important part in the first Star Wars movie. Luke is learning to use his lightsaber and Obi-Wan pits him against a floating training remote that zaps him with painful, but non-lethal, blaster fire. Luke is able to reach out with the Force and deflect the remote’s fire, even with a visor covering his eyes, marking his first steps on the path to becoming a Jedi.

Trent took a novelty floating globe, stripped it down to the plastic, then built up the detail to replicate the ridges, sockets and other techno-ornamentation the remote had. When he was happy with the level of detail, he primed and painted the model, and once it was dry, he set it floating and stuck it in his Star Wars display case, alongside his collection of lightsabers.

The model is pretty simple to actually build, but a great idea all the same. It’s actually a little surprising that LucasFilm hasn’t made something like this already, but who knows? Maybe someone at LucasFilm will see this, and we’ll soon see official floating training remotes in stores.

Source: io9

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