What happens when you combine teapots, hamburgers and the pop artist Seal? You get, quite possibly, the best fan-made remake of Star Wars ever.

Star Wars Uncut began as a simple homage, with a site encouraging fans to produce a 15 second clip of one of the 472 scenes from the original movie, preserving only the audio. 902 Jedis, Siths and Padawans answered the call, and the result is a stunning display of ingenuity, creativity and wackiness. I don’t want to give too much away and, frankly, I really wouldn’t know where to begin, so just do yourself a favor and check out the trailer below.

The entire film will be screened in Copenhagen at the CPH:PIX festival on April 19th, and there are also promises of screenings in NYC. What does one have to do to get a screening in North Carolina? Seriously!

Star Wars Uncut, via Entertainment Geekly

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