Star Wars Re-imagined As a 1980’s Anime


Star Wars: The Lost 1980’s Anime envisions a franchise complete with lightsaber hands, scorpion shape-shifts and giant transforming robots.

There was something arguably glorious about anime in the 1980s. Sure, the content we received in the United States wasn’t always the best that Japanese animation had to offer, but it was always fun to watch. That in mind, we’re pretty sure that it’s next to impossible to not love Star Wars: The Lost 1980’s Anime. Created by the fine folks at Nacho Punch, The Lost 1980’s Anime, in the space of about 60 seconds, envisions what Star Wars would have been like had it been an imported (and badly dubbed) product of Japan rather than a creation of George Lucas.

The results, not surprisingly, are fairly glorious, doing a great job of emulating the style and flaws of the shows coming to America during at the time. The voice acting, for instance, is a spot on imitation of the often lifeless and awkward performances you find in a lot of earlier dubs. The faux translation likewise, is appropriately awful. You also have to love to the nod to the occasionally bonkers Famicom Star Wars game.

What cinches it for me however is the part where Death Star deploys the “Star Beast” and the Millenium Falcon has to merge with Luke’s X-Wing to create a giant robot complete with seizure inducing strobe effects. I’m think that if George Lucas had opted to add that to the special editions, he might not have received as many complaints as he did. Put shortly, Star Wars: The Lost 1980’s Anime is a brief bit of ridiculous fun and we’d sorely recommend you give it a view.

Source: YouTube

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