Tired of scrolling through pages of text in your favorite MMOG? Star Wars: The Old Republic developer BioWare Austin may have the solution: Record unique dialogue for every single line of text in the game.

Earlier today at EA’s E3 press conference, BioWare Cofounder Ray Muzyka followed a processional of roughly two-dozen faux Jedi onstage to announce that the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic would be the first fully-voiced MMOG ever. Muzyka called it “the largest voiceover project in the history of games,” if not all entertainment media.

Muzyka then treated the crowd to a first look at the game’s opening cinematic, which featured a group of Sith Lords and bounty hunters clashing with a band of Jedi knights. If Muzyka’s previous announcement wasn’t enough, the trailer certainly gave some insight into the scale of the developer’s ambitions for the project.

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