Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s space combat may lack the freedom of traveling through space, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun.

After rumors of Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s leaked space combat confirmed that the mode would be on-rails, many players may have thought that meant it wasn’t going to be any good. Though an MMOG version of LucasArts’ classic flight sims would have been amazing, Old Republic‘s latest space combat trailer makes it look pretty sweet too.

I originally thought that Old Republic‘s space combat would be somewhat similar to World of Warcraft‘s bombing runs (something I may have been alone in my enjoyment of), but now we see it’s far more action packed. Using the six kinds of player ships such as the Jedi Corellian Vanguard-Class Light Corvette and the Sith Fury-Class Imperial Transport, players will still go up against enemy fighters and larger ship types as Star Destroyer-like enemies lurk in the distance.

The space combat looks very hectic as players try to avoid masses of laser blasts and waves of asteroids. It’s very much like Starfox, a series which has a few on-rails entries that are plenty of fun and packed with replay value. Whether Old Republic‘s space combat will do the same still remains to be seen until it can be experienced in full, but the trailer should calm detractors for now.

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