Star Wars Uncut: A Fan Remake , 15 Seconds at a Time

Star Wars Uncut, a fan project that’s remaking the classic sci-fi film through a series of 15-second user-made clips, has just released its first promotional trailer and it is awesome.

It works like this: Star Wars – (that’d be A New Hope for those of you who like to be pedantic about that sort of thing) – has been chopped up into 15-second mini-scenes. Anyone interested in taking part simply claims the scene they’re interested in, recreates it in whatever style they want and then sends the completed clip back to the Star Wars Uncut project. When every scene has been finished, the whole thing will be stitched together into the most random, chaotic and original version of George Lucas’ space opera classic ever conceived.

The idea is shockingly simple and utterly brilliant, and contributors are taking the creative freedom they’ve been given to heart: Finished clips include everything from hand-drawn animation to small children who can’t yet speak and a handful of Star Wars Pez dispensers trapped inside a slowly closing piano. Some are good, some are bad and some – like the four French guys piled into a small car that’s stunt-doubling for the Millennium Falcon – are just downright hilarious.

The Star Wars Uncut team has released an epic two-minute trailer showing off the wide range of styles and skills that will be on display in the final film and it’s got me convinced: I must see this movie. You should too! Better yet, head over to and claim a scene for yourself. Your 15 seconds await!

via: Slashdot

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